I Tested Clickbait DIY Soap "Hacks"
I Tried Acrylic Pour Art For The First Time
I Tried Following A Soap Cupcake Tutorial
Mixing Every Bath Bomb From Lush Together
I Got A K-Pop Makeover
Choosing My Wedding Dress
I Tried ASMR For The First Time
deerhunter2000 17 tundi tagasi
hi 👋 ❤
EP Boe
EP Boe 17 tundi tagasi
My God, wish must disappear!!! Its a total scam!!!
Kitty Five Alive
Kitty Five Alive 17 tundi tagasi
Even I knew what she was saying when she was taking about High School Musical and I am 8
Alexander Smith
Alexander Smith 18 tundi tagasi
Hey Safiya, just dropping by to let you know that the EEexsrs "Cat and Raven Designs" made a cold process soap themed by you and they want to send you the bars. 😁
Tammy Kellerhuis
Tammy Kellerhuis 18 tundi tagasi
Freaking mouth Or Move Franklin
Raymond Fearon
Raymond Fearon 18 tundi tagasi
Girl love ur video
Jully Garcia
Jully Garcia 18 tundi tagasi
Pizza hut commercial.
Jully Garcia
Jully Garcia 18 tundi tagasi
Puffs commercial.
Joie J
Joie J 18 tundi tagasi
Buzzfeed could never
Charlotte Cass
Charlotte Cass 18 tundi tagasi
I feel like this is how Meredith Palmer applies eyeshadow
Homer Cat
Homer Cat 18 tundi tagasi
When she said “Hello Clarice” 🤣🤣🤣
Peter Liu
Peter Liu 18 tundi tagasi
I think the name is Rose
Cstina 18 tundi tagasi
Can’t skinny dip with Safiya, better chunky dunk instead
Dizzyedits 19 tundi tagasi
still have the candles?
Izuku Midoriya_deku #1hero
Izuku Midoriya_deku #1hero 19 tundi tagasi
James Charles:its the sister Me:PERIODT ⚠️🔪♏♠️💚🖤💔❣️🔪⚠️
Coffee Lord
Coffee Lord 19 tundi tagasi
Here is a idea for the mauve /mauve mood/
ゆしちゅいまど 19 tundi tagasi
13:33 happy bday
philip shamoun
philip shamoun 19 tundi tagasi
Hello, my wife and I sell wholesale boxes and pallets of Amazon jewelry. We would like you to do a unboxing video. Please msg me if your interested.
Robin Hood
Robin Hood 19 tundi tagasi
Imagine: ANTIFA mix with vending machine
Leslie 159
Leslie 159 20 tundi tagasi
Pls name the candle blueberry cinnamon roll
StrayKids WorldDomination
StrayKids WorldDomination 20 tundi tagasi
omg Stray Kids <3
StrayKids WorldDomination
StrayKids WorldDomination 20 tundi tagasi
when i saw miroh i was like :DDDDDDD
Alçin Nur
Alçin Nur 20 tundi tagasi
When I am clicking the video I said I will check it fastly and move to another video but, I just watched the whole video without skipping any second.
Sophia Burch
Sophia Burch 21 tund tagasi
I wish you added a umbrella to the outfit 🤩
Nicolle Wayner
Nicolle Wayner 21 tund tagasi
Your also supposed to keep reapplying the gloss through out the day
Kallista Margeson
Kallista Margeson 21 tund tagasi
She said holy carp did she take that from nerdey crafter or did nerdy crafter take that from her?
FATIMA ZAHRA 21 tund tagasi
you have so mach hire on arms
sheepy leepy
sheepy leepy 21 tund tagasi
if your on your monthly or what not always have a towel and or spare blanket or towel with you just in case so the blood doesint get on what you sat on
sheepy leepy
sheepy leepy 21 tund tagasi
when you go for a walk get a jacket and tie it around your wayst so that the towel dont show just in case its bulky or what not
sheepy leepy
sheepy leepy 21 tund tagasi
and maybe put i towel in your pants between your legs so that the blood doesint get in contact with your pants
Life of Kyle
Life of Kyle 21 tund tagasi
Everyone in this comment section section is high. Ok that is all.
Bethan P
Bethan P 21 tund tagasi
Where r u girl you have been gon for 3 months!?!?
Beau Cashmore
Beau Cashmore 21 tund tagasi
merl a pearl
Galaxywolf Gacha
Galaxywolf Gacha 21 tund tagasi
Am I the only one who is kinda sad that there is nothing new on this channel at the moment TvT
Jess 21 tund tagasi
Another awesome vid. Hope to see more soon.
Rachel Beaman
Rachel Beaman 22 tundi tagasi
I like your e girl look
Vishalla James
Vishalla James 22 tundi tagasi
Her videos are the only ones that has history in it that I like and watch
Anders Fagaard
Anders Fagaard 22 tundi tagasi
After a thousand of the same of these videos she is gonna gonna make a video Called "combining All of the midpoint shades of lipstick together"
Rachel Beaman
Rachel Beaman 22 tundi tagasi
Actually when I’ve ordered stuff on Instagram it takes minimum a month and a half
Rachel Beaman
Rachel Beaman 22 tundi tagasi
Are you actually nervous about the brown skirt not matching or do you just want more skirts 🤔
The Oak Tree
The Oak Tree 22 tundi tagasi
No James Charles!
Squee Geez
Squee Geez 22 tundi tagasi
your a bat
Rocky the German Shepard
Rocky the German Shepard 23 tundi tagasi
A K 23 tundi tagasi
The first black outfit was beautiful..
Hey it's keria
Hey it's keria 23 tundi tagasi
The nauseating capital minimally dust because protest essentially gather sans a maddening security. vulgar, earsplitting alibi
Ella Queen
Ella Queen 23 tundi tagasi
Where are you safiya you like banished from EEexs
Alexis Joseph
Alexis Joseph Päev tagasi
Amelia Bleeze
Amelia Bleeze Päev tagasi
She said she was going to post twice in December she didn’t post once and it’s been three months
TulsiTime Päev tagasi
Ahhhh!! Omg it’s been a yearrrrrr!! Well over a year... and when this video came out... but AHHHH
Homer Cat
Homer Cat Päev tagasi
Normal shops: desk Wish: amazing classic oak real wood eight drawer super cool brown blue pink exciting futuristic desk.
bharti agarwal
bharti agarwal Päev tagasi
Omg James Charles palette was released 1 day after this video came out. Off only she waited for some more timeeeee!!!
KashBlack Päev tagasi
I actually liked the black ones at the Balenciaga store.
George Harris
George Harris Päev tagasi
thats really good dont be modist
shivani arunkumar
shivani arunkumar Päev tagasi
Safiyaaaaa!! Where are you!!
Anjana Vydier
Anjana Vydier Päev tagasi
Can you make a franken eyeliner........
Lili Kataja
Lili Kataja Päev tagasi
I love skincare so much i never used essense
Nina Štambuk
Nina Štambuk Päev tagasi
Bet employees get happier when they see Safya
Jessica Päev tagasi
The day 5 outfit suits her ngl
GamingPotato123 Päev tagasi
I have a video idea: full face using Franken makeup
Crystals Pieces
Crystals Pieces Päev tagasi
This is how many times saf said cheese 👇
Daniel Päev tagasi
the ratio of dad jokes is off limits !!!
Phoebe Davis
Phoebe Davis Päev tagasi
No its not possible to blend with your mouth closed I do it all the time
Crystal Galicia
Crystal Galicia Päev tagasi
I love twilight 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽😍😍😍😍😍
Ella Heidsiek
Ella Heidsiek Päev tagasi
I think the 1. looked like a wave and the last 2 are stunning 🤩
D Kumar
D Kumar Päev tagasi
I personally wanted Safiya to wear a different colour other than black like pink or light purple 😉😁😊😁
-EDITZ BY EK- Päev tagasi
Ad: about 30hr lasting foundation Me: oOO safia should do a video on this
Lamp lamp
Lamp lamp Päev tagasi
soooooooooooo whacha doin
Amarea Doyal
Amarea Doyal Päev tagasi
i got a red bull ad in the middle of this
kc devera
kc devera Päev tagasi
and wowwe
kc devera
kc devera Päev tagasi
i am new here 😉
Susmita Ganguly
Susmita Ganguly Päev tagasi
the mauve color nail polish can be named "mauve it" orrrrrr IDK
sebnanizar Päev tagasi
My day isn't complete without an "hello friends and welcome to another video" 😊
filausopoako Päev tagasi
Insane vendo!
Happy k. artist
Happy k. artist Päev tagasi
14:42 demonitized 😂
-EDITZ BY EK- Päev tagasi
Me: watching this three years later Safia: ima just put some gorilla glue on its wig Me: omg that’s what that girl did when she had no hair spray 😬
Dipesh Giri
Dipesh Giri Päev tagasi
Make franken primer
Greson Päev tagasi
who tf gets arouse after asmr?
Obsessed with Hogwarts
Obsessed with Hogwarts Päev tagasi
Is anyone watching in 2021 🧐🧐🧐
Emilandia Päev tagasi
Kiri Howell
Kiri Howell Päev tagasi
It's my birthday
Alison Walker
Alison Walker Päev tagasi
hey saf