Choosing My Wedding Dress

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Safiya Nygaard

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So, we are getting married and I eventually have to find something to wear, so I decided to go wedding dress shopping and film it all so you guys could join us and see what I picked! We went to LOHO Bride in West Hollywood and tried on a bunch of dresses in a "Say Yes To The Dress" type ~scenario~. Do you guys want to see more wedding planning?
A HUGE thank you to Christy & Stephanie!
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Aasta tagasi
hello friends!! we are back with a new video on the channel!! sorry for the absence, literally everything else we filmed this month completely fell through lol but at least here is this video to finish out your month. our very own episode of "say sure to the frock" 👰🏻hope you enjoy it!! xoxo, saf
goose :3
goose :3 7 päeva tagasi
Deborah xx
Deborah xx Місяць tagasi
CoffeeIsTheOnlyThingKeepingMeAlive Місяць tagasi
i just gotta fix the 499 replies
Venti 2 місяці tagasi
Venti 2 місяці tagasi
Dress is so pretty
Swapnil Hinge
Swapnil Hinge Päev tagasi
Do u leave in Japan?
Nancy McGowan
Nancy McGowan 2 päeva tagasi
She reminds me of Frazier's wife on the TV series, even the voice! Stunning choice of dress, it's perfect!
esphiq_ 3 päeva tagasi
Can u do a collab with Micarch Tewers?
Letizia Poggioli
Letizia Poggioli 4 päeva tagasi
It’s “I’m Down For The Gown” not “Say Yes To The Dress”
son of lovato
son of lovato 4 päeva tagasi
I thought the blonde girl at the start is Taylor swift lmao
Kayleigh bug 8
Kayleigh bug 8 6 päeva tagasi
I am ten and I am ready for my wedding
Traci Fulton
Traci Fulton 7 päeva tagasi
What a fun video
Blazej jeka
Blazej jeka 8 päeva tagasi
The fabulous celeste luckily signal because capricorn clinicopathologically hum given a spooky internet. two, military step-sister
Violet Bloomberg
Violet Bloomberg 10 päeva tagasi
I guess I’m old fashioned. I wouldn’t want my fiancé there seeing me try on my wedding dresses. I like the surprise factor. I’m though by now they’ve gotten married. I don’t watch enough of her videos to know if they have?
sophie ruhle
sophie ruhle 11 päeva tagasi
the selder man dress with the sholder pad is almost office chic
s. s.
s. s. 13 päeva tagasi
The nude dress in thumbnail looked Very pretty on her
Y A 16 päeva tagasi
these videos are my favourite because i love them both and also saf's taste, both dresses were so beautiful on her !
Cesteth 17 päeva tagasi
looks so similar to dresses in Ever friend was obsessed w/ that movie when she was engaged. Her mom made her huge sleeves for her dress. She was sitting on them off & on thru/o entire reception
Sharmayne Akuiasperilla
Sharmayne Akuiasperilla 21 päev tagasi
Katherine Robertson
Katherine Robertson 22 päeva tagasi
Tyler said he “might be a bit mushy” if he had seen Saf in the mock-up on the wedding day... little did he know how emotional both he and Saf would be 😍💗
Alexa Hjerpe
Alexa Hjerpe 22 päeva tagasi
I liked the wildcard gown that the boutique owner picked out best, and the simple flowy one at the end.
jane schwab
jane schwab 23 päeva tagasi
Say I'm down to the gown
Agustina Gimenez
Agustina Gimenez 23 päeva tagasi
16:16 I'm the mirrorball
nightcore xhero
nightcore xhero 23 päeva tagasi
Missed opportunity to named this video “Say Sure To The Frock”
Angela Drake
Angela Drake 25 päeva tagasi
Train basically a cape for your butt 🧐😂
FairbrookWingates 25 päeva tagasi
I think you found my wedding dress, too. To be fair, I've always thought (if I ever do marry) to use a white version of a Ren Fest gown that was hand made for me by a friend's mom. So already going down a similar path as you in that vibe. Good to know it does indeed translate well into a wedding style!
Judith Patterson
Judith Patterson 26 päeva tagasi
Liked sixties wedding dress.
Cat Dog
Cat Dog 27 päeva tagasi
Say wow to the gown Lock the Frock Pick up the getup Peep the fit
Cat Dog
Cat Dog 27 päeva tagasi
The DAY-core
Jane Mahan
Jane Mahan 28 päeva tagasi
Best wedding dress video ever.
Ivy Edan
Ivy Edan 28 päeva tagasi
I got my wedding dress before I was even engaged mom and I went to try them on and fell in love with surprised me.
Tehseen Azfar
Tehseen Azfar Місяць tagasi
17:20 Da Best Gown
Eisei Xethlex
Eisei Xethlex Місяць tagasi
Like it's uncanny, yer body is exactly like mine, just taller and you are like a serious inspiration for me. You rock gal!!!
Bette Loves
Bette Loves Місяць tagasi
Omg I’m so happy I found you!
Bette Loves
Bette Loves Місяць tagasi
Rounded neckline.
LORDCHICKEN Місяць tagasi
Bobbie Jo Colbert
Bobbie Jo Colbert Місяць tagasi
Late to the party last, but my take on the Slenderman dress looked like Kathrine Hepburn in The Philadelphia Story
Llama Plays
Llama Plays Місяць tagasi
Her background music is the stuff from royale high
peony_ bee_
peony_ bee_ Місяць tagasi
What’s so funny is that your first video was made a year after I was born THE EXACT DATE but 2006, AND YOU ARE MY FAVORITE EEexs haha
Lara Edney
Lara Edney Місяць tagasi
This is the video (which i have watched many times) i am using to create my story character outfits. Thank you, safiya.
Punam Mall
Punam Mall Місяць tagasi
She tried so beautiful dresses but went with the one least pretty😕
Erica Sotto
Erica Sotto Місяць tagasi
Omg I totally want that pearl gown 😂😂😂
Mh156 Місяць tagasi
Oh wow.. How cliché a video can be.
Lord Lyka
Lord Lyka Місяць tagasi
Izzy Stokes
Izzy Stokes Місяць tagasi
Love the office reference casually thrown in there (3
Georgie Monster
Georgie Monster Місяць tagasi
Cape but for your butt. 😂
Zoemimi Baqer
Zoemimi Baqer Місяць tagasi
Just saying it will be amazing outdoors because of the dress five❤️
Lord Lyka
Lord Lyka Місяць tagasi
I love how from both of Saf's wedding dress videos, you can see how Christi changes from just the owner of the store to actually seeming like a friend of Safiya's and getting more comfortable on camera!
Evelien De Saegher
Evelien De Saegher Місяць tagasi
Have I already watched this 3 times m? Yes. Am I gonna watch it again? Yes!
Milkos Місяць tagasi
Alexa Z
Alexa Z Місяць tagasi
hehe covid would never
Sitian Iian
Sitian Iian Місяць tagasi
So when are you going to change your yt name to Safiya Williams?
Madeline Findlay
Madeline Findlay Місяць tagasi
I’ve decided to rewatch the wedding series Some of the best content on EEexs 😃😃😃
Gacha Cookies
Gacha Cookies Місяць tagasi
Safiya: the demand of me to wear a black wedding dress, because of my generally black wardrobe. My mind at 1am: your ‘generally’ black wardrobe? You’ve literally got like half a meter of colored clothes. To Safiya if she reads this (she probably won’t but): sorry if that was harsh but that’s why I love your channel!
Dog Lover
Dog Lover Місяць tagasi
Girlllllllllllllllllllll you look good girlllllllllll
Anime simp シ
Anime simp シ Місяць tagasi
13:44 Let’s all ignore the fact that the spinning fairy falls into the fireplace- Tbh, it got me wheezing a lot xd
Chae Lee
Chae Lee Місяць tagasi
Lemme guess... This isn’t your first time watching this video
C Leach
C Leach 6 päeva tagasi
Have you been stalking me!???!???!!??!?? Yes! This is not the first time!?!!!??!
Amelie Tessier
Amelie Tessier Місяць tagasi
Don’t call me out
Alyx Sharrar
Alyx Sharrar Місяць tagasi
64 Groove
64 Groove Місяць tagasi
Come check out my wedding board on Pinterest The Hippie Child
Mia G
Mia G Місяць tagasi
Mia G
Mia G Місяць tagasi
TMStickslover Місяць tagasi
In 5 years, Safiya should watch her wedding video again
Alayna Elder
Alayna Elder Місяць tagasi
I tbh do feel like she could’ve chosen a better dress... I’m not a fan of it, but it’s her wedding and if that dress makes her happy then who cares about my opinion lol
Christina k
Christina k Місяць tagasi
The fifth dress look's like something you would wear underneath the real dress LOL
Eevee Girls
Eevee Girls Місяць tagasi
theory: christy is actually chrissy teigen
sunflower Місяць tagasi
11:10 is literally me I am named after a flower :3
Jeon Sam
Jeon Sam Місяць tagasi
after binging some yes to the dress i finally found a beautifully sweet entourage here!!
Samir Aliyev
Samir Aliyev Місяць tagasi
Shelby Montague
Shelby Montague Місяць tagasi
the third one gave me StarWars vibes
Alpha Jess
Alpha Jess Місяць tagasi
Bat wings! And I can’t wait to see if Tyler wears gym shorts or not to the wedding
Unicorn Girl Plays
Unicorn Girl Plays Місяць tagasi
She looks like professor snape in the long dress!
Maddie Bankes
Maddie Bankes Місяць tagasi
Also I love ur channel and ur style and franken series they were fun to watch and I love them a lot keep up the fabulous work bc ur so awesome :D happy new year guys 🎉🥳
Maddie Bankes
Maddie Bankes Місяць tagasi
She should have called it ‘say I’m down for the gown’ then you can’t be copywritten by tlc and it rhymes too :D
Anna Darden-Worthington
Anna Darden-Worthington Місяць tagasi
Next time there's a wedding dress shop for a friend or something the tag line should be " Are you ready to rock the frock??"
IMayBeGay Місяць tagasi
Why do I get such strong Princess Leia vibes from the "Slenderman dress"???
jon hosfeld
jon hosfeld Місяць tagasi
The tearful rugby trivially relax because giraffe understandably ignore underneath a dull frame. dreary, understood carol
Itz Melina
Itz Melina Місяць tagasi
I felt that with putting a mic on a cactus because I hung once my mobile outside of a stove only to see what’s happening when u bake something and filmed it 😂
Sarah Chen
Sarah Chen Місяць tagasi
at the long sleeve dress picture, she kinda looks like a child who got into her mother's wardrobe
Alexa NYNY
Alexa NYNY Місяць tagasi
I love to watch say yes to the dress!
Katie Hughart
Katie Hughart Місяць tagasi
Way to rock the frock😁
Brenda Culver
Brenda Culver Місяць tagasi
I have watched a few videos of yours. I am so happy that you let everyone in on this part of your special day. I kind of got married real fast and watching you do this right tears to my eyes of joy OK it’s not set right but I really believe you understand what I said LOL anyways my next stop is your wedding congratulations
keira wright
keira wright 2 місяці tagasi
I think “Rock with the Frock” would’ve been a bit better.
hmm Mm
hmm Mm 2 місяці tagasi
Im not superstitious, though I’m a little stitious” micheal Scott who-
Debbie Black
Debbie Black 2 місяці tagasi
Beautiful dress ! Just do not overdo the beading and lace.
Peachie Scent
Peachie Scent 2 місяці tagasi
Hey safiya viewers!! I am patricia laste, i work for scentsy. If you love to know more about my small business, i make a youtube videos and i sell products as a consultant!!
ShadeyCelestials 2 місяці tagasi
Me after she rejected the skydancer dress: 13:44
donwurbadit 2 місяці tagasi
Have a shot every time she says 'Like' :) I counted 70.
Sabiha Kibria
Sabiha Kibria 2 місяці tagasi
Shes SO fat
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas Місяць tagasi
And you're SO rude. Get off her channel.
Poppy Seed
Poppy Seed 2 місяці tagasi
So Zippy went from shorts with a message on the butt on the Strip to hijab 🤣😂
Taylor Wilson
Taylor Wilson 2 місяці tagasi
I would never wear a dress like safiyas here’s why I wouldn’t feel bridal in a dress like that I feel her dress looks like a prom dress or something
Andriy Yakob
Andriy Yakob 2 місяці tagasi
Say wow to the gown
Josie Bullock
Josie Bullock 2 місяці tagasi
So nobody’s gonna talk about the ‘frock yea’? Ok then.
Tiquinha Gamegun
Tiquinha Gamegun 2 місяці tagasi
0:36 sheron menezes
Itz Diya Mandalia
Itz Diya Mandalia 2 місяці tagasi
The long sleeves look like cleopatra XD lmao lollll
Julian Burr
Julian Burr 2 місяці tagasi
cynthiastephie 2 місяці tagasi
That bat sleeves ivory gown looks good, kinda looks likes Hilary Duffs wedding dress
Sarah 2 місяці tagasi
Of these dresses, I really loved the pearl one, but none of them compare to the one she ended up wearing at ALL
katherine owian
katherine owian 2 місяці tagasi
With your skin tone an ivory or champagne would be lovely. A lovely shoulder length veil would be good.
Christie Delvoix
Christie Delvoix 2 місяці tagasi
My name is Christie
Nabaha Khan
Nabaha Khan 2 місяці tagasi
Did some one notice that sofiya love her bat black dress
I Ate A Frog.
I Ate A Frog. 2 місяці tagasi
The ad I got when watching this. *Do you need a wedding cake?*
Raven Mickelson
Raven Mickelson 2 місяці tagasi
Man you got me to get out my sketch book and start sketching my wedding suit (and yes I am a girl )
Arianna Silva
Arianna Silva 2 місяці tagasi
Thank goodness she got married last year!!😖😖😖
Valeria Moran
Valeria Moran 2 місяці tagasi
I hope I’m not the only one who realized A YEAR LATER that Christy kinda looks like Chrissy Teigen. Just me?
Lily Baird
Lily Baird 2 місяці tagasi
I loved dress 6
Kavya Sriram
Kavya Sriram 2 місяці tagasi
Christy from the bride shop looks a lot like Chrissy teigen 👀
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