I Went To A Cheese Theme Park In South Korea

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Safiya Nygaard

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So we traveled to East Asia to film a six-part series about beauty, style, and shopping and we’re starting our Korean leg with a quick detour to the Cheese Theme Park in Imsil, South Korea! Yes, that's right - CHEESE. So we teamed up with our friend HojuSara to travel from Seoul to Imsil and check out the Cheese Theme Park - with cheese-making classes, a cheese slide, and giant cheese-shaped buildings. What do you guys think of this Korean Cheese Theme Park?
A huge thanks to Sara for coming with us! You can check her out here:
IG: hojusara
EEexs: eeexs.info
And check out our collab on her channel here! eeexs.info/dash/oat6f46apIZff2k/video
And a big thank you to Sara's cameraman, TinyTip! You can check his channel out here:
You can check out the Cheese Theme Park's website here!
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Aasta tagasi
HELLO FRIENDS!! and welcome to this video! the thing is, when i heard about a "cheese theme park" in south korea, i KNEW we had to go. what did u guys think of the park?? ALSO - u can check out the video we filmed on sara's channel (where she took me to a korean spa!) here: eeexs.info/dash/oat6f46apIZff2k/video
Ally Brooke
Ally Brooke Місяць tagasi
I love this 💀
Lynn Mote
Lynn Mote Місяць tagasi
Saf do my makeup look
ClaraTube OMG
ClaraTube OMG Місяць tagasi
this is the first vid from ur channel that i ever saw i im already subed
sofiaKkuniッ 2 місяці tagasi
I wanna go there because im south korean but idk how to spell theme park in korea
Tank Softball
Tank Softball 2 місяці tagasi
Raymond Fearon
Raymond Fearon 18 tundi tagasi
Girl love ur video
Life of Kyle
Life of Kyle 21 tund tagasi
Everyone in this comment section section is high. Ok that is all.
Crystals Pieces
Crystals Pieces Päev tagasi
This is how many times saf said cheese 👇
Rayce2007 2 päeva tagasi
Leah Brammen
Leah Brammen 2 päeva tagasi
esphiq_ 3 päeva tagasi
Can u do a collab with Micarch Tewers?
Bel Boyce
Bel Boyce 5 päeva tagasi
cheese cheese cheese cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Bel Boyce
Bel Boyce 5 päeva tagasi
that is so coooool
Aubrie Glore
Aubrie Glore 7 päeva tagasi
That's cool. I liked the video
Berliandiva Aulia
Berliandiva Aulia 7 päeva tagasi
fun fact: 'Hoju' means Australia in Korean.
아줌마가 좋아
아줌마가 좋아 8 päeva tagasi
구독 박았어요 ㅋ
Endeavor 8 päeva tagasi
Britain is cheddar cheese lmao
AB Film
AB Film 9 päeva tagasi
Tyler is such a mood
Bh_log 백향_log
Bh_log 백향_log 10 päeva tagasi
용산역이다 ㅋ ㅋ ㄱ ㅋ한국💓
Helen walker
Helen walker 10 päeva tagasi
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Mila Buzina
Mila Buzina 10 päeva tagasi
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Peggy Schuyler
Peggy Schuyler 11 päeva tagasi
*Wisconsin wants to know your location*
Chloe Green
Chloe Green 12 päeva tagasi
Welcome to South Korea. Even tho u left
Tra Hi
Tra Hi 12 päeva tagasi
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olivia grace
olivia grace 13 päeva tagasi
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Olivia Lee
Olivia Lee 13 päeva tagasi
20:17 He is saying "umma" which means mom LOL
Jose S
Jose S 15 päeva tagasi
"Lactose to the face" imma use that👌.
Grey Lazy
Grey Lazy 16 päeva tagasi
Chees made from milk, milk love by cats. Mystery solve😎
Ricky 17 päeva tagasi
Potato_I love FOOD _
Potato_I love FOOD _ 17 päeva tagasi
Am I the only one who thinks it looks like pack man
Minecraft WK&KS
Minecraft WK&KS 17 päeva tagasi
There was a cheese ad before this vid🤭
Samurai Levi
Samurai Levi 18 päeva tagasi
I *love* cheese! I must go there sometime.
Angela95 Lee
Angela95 Lee 19 päeva tagasi
Of all the theme parks thats the strangest one ive ever seen I live in Korea and this is the first ive heard of it
Margie Elisa
Margie Elisa 19 päeva tagasi
no one: tyler:"Hello ma'am"
thornmallow1 19 päeva tagasi
That video is so cheesy. It was very Gouda! By the way, the black, bell sleeve top that you wore is so pretty!
Kayla Kawaii
Kayla Kawaii 19 päeva tagasi
Aashi Chitnawis
Aashi Chitnawis 20 päeva tagasi
Please- I read (past tense) "I went to a Chinese Theme Park In South Korea" 😭😂
Dino _Buddeh
Dino _Buddeh 20 päeva tagasi
“What’s up kitty” M E O W
Tessa Clark
Tessa Clark 21 päev tagasi
I could smell the pizza from here litteraly idk how-
Maricruz Covarrubias
Maricruz Covarrubias 22 päeva tagasi
I think you might have been a mouse in a past life.
Lucifers Russian Wolf
Lucifers Russian Wolf 22 päeva tagasi
Australia has cheese singles. they're barely cheese lmao
bunniaster 23 päeva tagasi
the amount of times ive watched this and ive only just realised that it says canada has cheddar cheese, and not the UK who literally have cheddar gorge where the cheese is
Shahrina Olimjonova
Shahrina Olimjonova 24 päeva tagasi
I hate cheese but I wanna go 😂
Cat 25 päeva tagasi
My cousins went there not knowing it was sk and now they regret it because they didn't knew what korea and kfood was.....
1GodlyMatthew1 •
1GodlyMatthew1 • 25 päeva tagasi
Kiana Hernandez
Kiana Hernandez 25 päeva tagasi
I think that the cats were there because people who work there might feed them :3
Abby Croxford
Abby Croxford 26 päeva tagasi
this was posted on my birthday
beany Thompson
beany Thompson 27 päeva tagasi
I really enjoy watching these older videos at night they're really calming for some reason
Clash Royale man
Clash Royale man 27 päeva tagasi
Who else thought it was a pac-man theme park if u not read tittle.
Ksksksks Nsnsksksk
Ksksksks Nsnsksksk 27 päeva tagasi
I thought it was minecraft
Axsthxtic Cow Roblox
Axsthxtic Cow Roblox 28 päeva tagasi
Wow. There should be one in Germany.
Lucy Buckingham
Lucy Buckingham 28 päeva tagasi
Sara is really pretty
Ruby :3
Ruby :3 28 päeva tagasi
Plot twist: Safiya is actually lactose intolerant
Ravenclaw Rosie
Ravenclaw Rosie 29 päeva tagasi
I didn't think this is worth any single of your effort and transport difficulty. Also, when I show my bro this vid, my bro said that he would like to meet the taxi driver, so he could trim his leg hair.
Ruby :3
Ruby :3 28 päeva tagasi
Bella bell pepper
Bella bell pepper 29 päeva tagasi
You made ricotta cheese
Tony Palow
Tony Palow 29 päeva tagasi
This is how many times she said cHeEsE |
CurvingEel 51076
CurvingEel 51076 Місяць tagasi
I got a string cheese ad before this-
a squid
a squid Місяць tagasi
1:19 Me: Remembers the school trip to myeogdong, korea that was *cancelled* due to covid........
Juancarlos Hernandez
Juancarlos Hernandez Місяць tagasi
〈The_Frog_Prince〉 Місяць tagasi
P.O.V your watching this rn and your lactose intolerant 🙃
Misty Loki
Misty Loki Місяць tagasi
I’d come here just for the cats Also Wisconsin is quaking
PigeonPotPie Місяць tagasi
I got a cheese ad on this vid
:p Ńuu
:p Ńuu Місяць tagasi
What do you do when you don’t have a friend who speaks the native language
LORDCHICKEN Місяць tagasi
idk Місяць tagasi
*cries in lactose intolerant*😢🤣
slynk22 Місяць tagasi
You guys make the funnyest vids. And I subed to your Channel
slynk22 Місяць tagasi
And all the others Channels
Zoey Odonnell
Zoey Odonnell Місяць tagasi
Please post
panda girl 730
panda girl 730 29 päeva tagasi
they recently moved across the country i would give them time
Shannon Menendez
Shannon Menendez Місяць tagasi
Me, an Australian with a American accent: Sarah how have you kept your accent and I cant even gain one being born here?!?!?!?
Froggy The Frog!
Froggy The Frog! Місяць tagasi
Everyone in Wisconsin: ehm we are the cheese gods Hi :) sorry creator.
Anna Plays?
Anna Plays? Місяць tagasi
Anna Plays?
Anna Plays? Місяць tagasi
I’m actually Korean
briennabradley Місяць tagasi
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Potatoe Peeps
Potatoe Peeps Місяць tagasi
wait this is like the cheese world thing from phones and herb
Breanna Freeman
Breanna Freeman Місяць tagasi
My name is Bre not Brie
Russell Blanks
Russell Blanks Місяць tagasi
Some reason I thought the thumbnail was her standing in front of a minecraft cheese theme park.
Happpy world :D
Happpy world :D Місяць tagasi
I’m lactose intolerant but I can only have almond milk and some type of cheese I don’t know but my mom buys it
Mariese Pittet
Mariese Pittet Місяць tagasi
This is how many times Safiya said cheese 👇
Ruya Βεៜιτ
Ruya Βεៜιτ Місяць tagasi
me trying to count how many times you said cheese
Ivy Edan
Ivy Edan Місяць tagasi
I would live there happy..
Mariese Pittet
Mariese Pittet Місяць tagasi
Purple Squirrel
Purple Squirrel Місяць tagasi
I literally thought she was going to say “ Take off and steal a cat” 😂😂
Random Stuff
Random Stuff Місяць tagasi
Nobody: Saf: "We posed with our finished pies" ( *while holding pizzas* )
Alexys Perona
Alexys Perona Місяць tagasi
Why does this remind me of Phineas and Ferb?
Ally Brooke
Ally Brooke Місяць tagasi
Reminder to fix your posture!!!
Aji Z
Aji Z Місяць tagasi
I got a cheese ad before the video! XD
nadia jones
nadia jones Місяць tagasi
Michele Robinson
Michele Robinson Місяць tagasi
Wouldn't the obvious choice for what cheese is from America be 'American Cheese."
Lost in Time
Lost in Time Місяць tagasi
Phineas and Ferb : °-°
Jxst. Me
Jxst. Me Місяць tagasi
Nobody Really nobody Me:" omg did she said "auf wiedersehen"
justpeachyy bee
justpeachyy bee Місяць tagasi
that old woman is cute
Deepa Rameshwaran
Deepa Rameshwaran Місяць tagasi
I love cheese and I'm 7
Nicholas Cisneros
Nicholas Cisneros Місяць tagasi
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Halwa Fathiyyah Azka
Halwa Fathiyyah Azka Місяць tagasi
Dang after only watching 3 of your videos... Yeah im subbing.
SALAMI Місяць tagasi
Alexis The Virgo
Alexis The Virgo Місяць tagasi
MmMmMmM CHEESE I WANT CHEESE >:) also I like your video :v And I’ve been watching since 2019? but I love your videos lol I can’t believe I am saying I love your vids some much 😂 Also I like all C H E E S E I like cheese and your vids and my parents Credits:Me And you :)
P1x3l _
P1x3l _ Місяць tagasi
take a shot every time she says "quite"
Autumn Bonavita
Autumn Bonavita Місяць tagasi
They are probably cats that the park put there to keep mice out of the cheese
DespacitoBandito Місяць tagasi
Sheogorath's vacation destination!
Pedro Gomes
Pedro Gomes Місяць tagasi
Idk what you guys think, but the cheese making instructor are really cute lmao
mano sanciai
mano sanciai Місяць tagasi
There is a roblox game called bear and there's a thing called Give me the cheese
kai willows
kai willows Місяць tagasi
3:59 our destination *arrived*
Lauren Van auken
Lauren Van auken Місяць tagasi
I shall eat my cheese crackers while I watch people talk about cheese 🧀 lmao
Anika Uddin
Anika Uddin Місяць tagasi
Jake Hartline
Jake Hartline Місяць tagasi
The handy biplane preferentially comb because ground interestedly program plus a hungry can. needless, judicious friend
Tina Jäger
Tina Jäger Місяць tagasi
Slime Thyme
Slime Thyme Місяць tagasi
I’m Australian to
•RainyRoad• Місяць tagasi
Huh...I had a cheese ad before this
SALAMI Місяць tagasi
Same 😂
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