I Bought An Outfit At A Fake Market In Hong Kong

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Safiya Nygaard

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So we traveled to East Asia to film a six-part series about beauty, style, and shopping and here is the 5th installment - in which we went to a "fake" market in Hong Kong and bought head to toe fake designer outfits! The Ladies' Market in Hong Kong is famous for having a lot of counterfeit and knockoff clothing and accessories, from fashion "brands" like Balenciaga, Chanel, Dior, Gucci, Off-White, Fendi, Supreme, Peppa Pig, and more! It was an ~interesting experience~, to say the least! What did you think of our fake market finds?
A huge thank you to Taylor for accompanying us to the market :)
You can check out the collab video we filmed for Taylor's channel here!
And you can check out Taylor's channel here!
You can check out Collin Abroadcast's channel for more Fake Market sprees! eeexs.info/wiki/XsQlHGuoWqukC9vz-uonrg
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Aasta tagasi
HELLO FRIENDS! happy sunday! i hope you guys enjoy our wild romp to a fake market in hong kong - what did you think of our final looks?? also, you can check out the video we filmed on taylor's channel here! eeexs.info/dash/d3qegaScqoWBd3Y/video :) xoxo, saf
Raymond Man
Raymond Man Місяць tagasi
I like mcshit shirt
Raymond Man
Raymond Man Місяць tagasi
What xxl boxer
Goat Sheep
Goat Sheep 2 місяці tagasi
My mother in law lives on that street. Did you enjoy your visit?
Lacey Ganther
Lacey Ganther 2 місяці tagasi
You posted this on my birthday
ELECTRIC SCARF 2 місяці tagasi
slaybags.com is the new plug , read reviews on google and purchased ...omg the quality is amazing.Just sharing though
Kiryn Song
Kiryn Song 10 tundi tagasi
I love you guys❤️❤️❤️
ゆしちゅいまど 18 tundi tagasi
13:33 happy bday
Dark Sushikitty
Dark Sushikitty Päev tagasi
These shops are EVERYWHERE in Asia
Janet Hayes
Janet Hayes Päev tagasi
Ok just found you and I'm enchanted. You make things I don't care about so interesting plus you do stuff about other things I do care about really interesting. 😁
Jeni Ma
Jeni Ma Päev tagasi
The shopkeepers really fooled you😂 those stuff are not really that expensive.
Shary DragonClaw
Shary DragonClaw 2 päeva tagasi
This isn't just an Asian thing, its just a black market, they have those in Europe too
Mj 20 tundi tagasi
Yeah, a lot in Spain and italy
Suman Singh
Suman Singh 2 päeva tagasi
Please visit India too
esphiq_ 3 päeva tagasi
Can u do a collab with Micarch Tewers?
tyshine33 3 päeva tagasi
I want that Gccui shirt!!
Emma Batool
Emma Batool 4 päeva tagasi
You should snniper wolf 🐺
Carol Butler
Carol Butler 4 päeva tagasi
Underwear for plumbers per chance?? Very fun! All good for a quick glance but not a "hears looking at you, Kid".
Sydney Hoggle
Sydney Hoggle 5 päeva tagasi
on 13:47 i saw anime i think it was dragon ball z and other animes
T. S.
T. S. 6 päeva tagasi
W h y why she speaks so so so weird?????
1B_15 NOUMAN SAMIAA 7 päeva tagasi
pls come back in hong kong i wanna meet you plss and yea hong kong is still going throught protest
Emiliemdl 7 päeva tagasi
It's weird, I noticed that Taylor's forehead never moves
Elizabeth Gould
Elizabeth Gould 7 päeva tagasi
did she quit?
Leslie Sanchez
Leslie Sanchez 8 päeva tagasi
OMG, What is that Macdonald's shirt about?! 6:09
Humaira Tasnim
Humaira Tasnim 8 päeva tagasi
At 4:24 did anyone see the blackpink ad on the bus?
Humaira Tasnim
Humaira Tasnim 9 päeva tagasi
Lol I’m from Bangladesh so whenever I went to Bangladesh I would always see counterfeits
LatinaStyles1D 9 päeva tagasi
LMAO the Chanel and Adidas 💀💀💀
Don Fenton
Don Fenton 10 päeva tagasi
Hello. I’m the new ☝️
Ambreen Bilal
Ambreen Bilal 10 päeva tagasi
When the fake looks better than the real: Thumbnail
Tatiana G
Tatiana G 11 päeva tagasi
broooo yall DRAAAGGGEEDD these shop owners in the best ( and nicest) way " he made us smell the leather" " sMelLs lIkE pLaStIc"
Arlene Hicks
Arlene Hicks 12 päeva tagasi
Where can I get superfake handbags?
Kirsten Chiu
Kirsten Chiu 12 päeva tagasi
I live in Hong Kong 🇭🇰😆
Sunflower Garden
Sunflower Garden 12 päeva tagasi
Who could have thought that more than 1 year later I would be obsessed with asian dramas and music. It was destined
smol peaches
smol peaches 12 päeva tagasi
I’m crying and laughing
ruslaron 12 päeva tagasi
lol whyd u scrolll
Hüseyin Güç Sosyal Güvenlik Uzmanı
Hüseyin Güç Sosyal Güvenlik Uzmanı 12 päeva tagasi
replica sneakers are good too!
güldahan tecimen
güldahan tecimen 12 päeva tagasi
don't buy from dhgate girls, the reps aren't real leather
Sound Game
Sound Game 12 päeva tagasi
LV or gucci?
KaFaDaN ÜçLü
KaFaDaN ÜçLü 12 päeva tagasi
I love reps, no point in buying the real thing, reps are so good nowadays.
Genç Oyuncu
Genç Oyuncu 12 päeva tagasi
Wish I could afford reps!
Arda Ay Car parking krom çekiliş duyuruları
Arda Ay Car parking krom çekiliş duyuruları 12 päeva tagasi
nice vid, love it.
Asude'nin Eğlence Dünyası
Asude'nin Eğlence Dünyası 12 päeva tagasi
love your hair!
abdulsamet erçil
abdulsamet erçil 12 päeva tagasi
Thanks for the video
Dipper Dan
Dipper Dan 13 päeva tagasi
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【Emica Studios】
【Emica Studios】 14 päeva tagasi
am i the only one that doesn't care whether a clothing item is fake or not? like, as long as it looks good and it's wearable, i'm fine with it being a rip-off, xD
gaming is life
gaming is life 14 päeva tagasi
XD come to pakistan u can found everything in 1 dollar
Kutlwano Peta
Kutlwano Peta 14 päeva tagasi
Watching this vid makes me feel so nostalgic... I miss travelling
kylaa Murphy
kylaa Murphy 14 päeva tagasi
Joyce Lam
Joyce Lam 15 päeva tagasi
Frosty 16 päeva tagasi
Can I get a owa owa
シItsKuzu 17 päeva tagasi
hi i am from hong kong
Oikawa’s Left Knee
Oikawa’s Left Knee 17 päeva tagasi
Not the lewd apron 😂
Erika Erika
Erika Erika 17 päeva tagasi
this video was made back in the day when people could go out HAHAHAHAHA
zaylynn Ybarra
zaylynn Ybarra 17 päeva tagasi
fatima Ayala
fatima Ayala 18 päeva tagasi
I am a fan l love youuuuu ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh you so cool
idontlikewatermelon 19 päeva tagasi
The ready government suddenly squeal because toe alternatively expand failing a jealous slash. abortive, eager peru
Houa Vaj
Houa Vaj 19 päeva tagasi
I found a gal on Instagram luxuryby_kai. She’s a US seller who sells replica also. I bought a few from her and the quality is very good. She’s a US seller so the shipping and everything is very fast.
Hi 19 päeva tagasi
Bring that fake market to Jamaica n everything sell off.
Lauren Slatter
Lauren Slatter 19 päeva tagasi
Taylor looks like Sabrina carpenter
Fabian Schrupp
Fabian Schrupp 19 päeva tagasi
these reps look good lol
Marge Trudel
Marge Trudel 19 päeva tagasi
nice vid saf!
Albertha Beason
Albertha Beason 19 päeva tagasi
I love saifya!
gardener depreex
gardener depreex 19 päeva tagasi
I saw this video on, it's good
Florance Drucker
Florance Drucker 19 päeva tagasi
safiya is the best!
Gauri Eggbutt
Gauri Eggbutt 21 päev tagasi
why didn't she get the Sofia the first bags😫😭
haylee star
haylee star 22 päeva tagasi
Happy birthday....I’m DEAD
hello. com
hello. com 23 päeva tagasi
Anyone know where to get superfake handbags? the reps in this vid are kinda low quality
Houa Vaj
Houa Vaj 19 päeva tagasi
I found a gal on Instagram luxuryby_kai. She’s a US seller who sells replica also. I bought a few from her and the quality is very good. She’s a US seller so the shipping and everything is very fast.
Magdalen Kendrick
Magdalen Kendrick 23 päeva tagasi
God i want a good rep so bad but i can't afford them atm
Lakenya Eisenhower
Lakenya Eisenhower 23 päeva tagasi
I'm on my third order already lol, reps are a dangerous game
Pauline Perkins
Pauline Perkins 23 päeva tagasi
Getting in to superfakes was the best thing I ever did, I've saved SO much money, why pay 4000 when you can get
Keiko Goggin
Keiko Goggin 23 päeva tagasi
Can vouch for mirror reps too!
Snigdha Mamidala
Snigdha Mamidala 23 päeva tagasi
Insert Coins
Insert Coins 23 päeva tagasi
*Shirt says huggi instead of guggi* Customer:"is this shirt real?" Shope owner: "yes"
AMERICANoob 25 päeva tagasi
Oh I remember I use to come here when I was child :D and my mom would bargain with these people for a lower price all the time ;w; it did work she intImidating :0
rose uwu
rose uwu 25 päeva tagasi
wah i wished i could meet u in hong kong q-q cuz i live in hong kong
Maya Patasanu
Maya Patasanu 25 päeva tagasi
23:46 look in the mirror
Maya Patasanu
Maya Patasanu 25 päeva tagasi
21:03 that man filming
Brick Assault Productions
Brick Assault Productions 25 päeva tagasi
How many friends I can fool is what this video should of been called.
Mia G
Mia G 26 päeva tagasi
Mia G
Mia G 26 päeva tagasi
M 26 päeva tagasi
LOL none of those clothing and show items should've been more than $10
Malou McCabe
Malou McCabe 26 päeva tagasi
You need to be good bargainers here when you want to get more stuffs😂
Sweet Silence
Sweet Silence 27 päeva tagasi
You should try Quing beauty they are a makeup business based out of Hong Kong
Ilmi Ilmii
Ilmi Ilmii 27 päeva tagasi
Did anyone notice sssniperwolf in one of the shots
naomi 27 päeva tagasi
lol this is like the callejones in LA but bigger 😭
Rosalie233 27 päeva tagasi
Apri Apri
Apri Apri 28 päeva tagasi
I would love to see you do a video on Phyllisbag.com , they are the best out there when it comes to replicas, they make them basically 1:1 but are fairly cheaper than the original! Cheers from France ! ❤😍
Nick Zee
Nick Zee 28 päeva tagasi
Great upspeak 👌
chussha bebe
chussha bebe 28 päeva tagasi
In my country it's way cheaper to buy fake products you can get a Louis vuitton for 5 to 11 dollars
AUBRI 101 28 päeva tagasi
This was posted on my birthday
Izzy 29 päeva tagasi
eshay vibes, i love it
kim chan
kim chan 29 päeva tagasi
I’m a local Hong konger and I always wonder how these stores survive 😂 because I don’t usually see locals buying stuff there Maybe the EEexsrs who do counterfeits videos are their biggest customers 😂😂😂
jordan simen
jordan simen 29 päeva tagasi
Taylor was like “it’s not funny I’m serious”
Umme Mariyam
Umme Mariyam 29 päeva tagasi
That happy birthday was cute 😂❤️
KingReticent Місяць tagasi
I wonder if there is some Baienglaca platform crocs
Neela M.
Neela M. Місяць tagasi
These types of markets arw available everywhere in India😂😂 And I alwaysssss buy products from them, if you look properly you'll prolly get a pretty good deal and reasonable quality as well. For quality though, you'll have to put in some efforts as most items die within the ambit of 3-4 usages!
C.L Gonzales
C.L Gonzales Місяць tagasi
9:05 oh it rhymes HAHAHHA
Dawn Marie
Dawn Marie Місяць tagasi
I’m all for the fakes. Screw them designers they make enough money while average people struggle to purchase it.
Cellina Droubi
Cellina Droubi Місяць tagasi
Sorry but Taylor and Sofiya look like a couple
jasmine dukes
jasmine dukes Місяць tagasi
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Saipriti Debasis
Saipriti Debasis Місяць tagasi
You are very good i love your makeup and your style
Saipriti Debasis
Saipriti Debasis Місяць tagasi
Where do you live ?
muhibba amin nizami
muhibba amin nizami Місяць tagasi
My Nani(granny) is the best at bargaining she would get you 500 rupees shoes in 100 rupees,
Renee Pierce
Renee Pierce Місяць tagasi
It’s pronounced MOS-KEE-NO....Not MACHINE-O . Just FYI ( Moschino) An easy way remember is think Mosquito! You’re welcome
Man Ma
Man Ma Місяць tagasi
•Dollieguts• Місяць tagasi
"Star wart" that just got me wheezing-
CHUNG HOI NAM鍾凱南 Місяць tagasi
I live in Hong kong
Devi lunardy
Devi lunardy Місяць tagasi
I realize many people watched this video ( or re-watch ) but little tip that may or may not helped if you ever going to market like this after Covid. 1. Ask for price at the few first stall you see. Bargain lowest as you want to go ( be heartless and stand your ground). The seller usually just leave you alone after a while trying. This helped you to know the price range for stuff you want. 2. If the seller start / seems angry/annoyed. Thats a good sign. You are onto something (if you westerners, they may say something rude, just ignore it and be on your way. I got called crazy and fat, so yea... Be prepared) 3. Last one may or may not helped. But bring small luggage bag with wheel will helped alot. Especially if you going to buy a lot of stuff. Remember all of this only applied after this pandemic ends, so wear mask, shower and keep your distance. Also, i'm here drinking infused crushed red ginger, it does helped with my body immune system. Stay save, love
Gaming_ Potato
Gaming_ Potato Місяць tagasi
You got the god damit bag :D
sandwich Місяць tagasi
3:59 so uh no ones talking about that sofiya is poking her chopsticks in her sushi?
raquel Місяць tagasi
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