Baking A Wedding Cake With Every Possible Cake Flavor In It

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Safiya Nygaard

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And now I present to you, part 2 of our 4-part wedding series! We had to make a franken-wedding-something, so why not a cake? We decided to bake an 8-tier wedding cake where each layer is a different cake flavor, and then at the end taste them as tiers and all together. What do you guys think? Do you want a franken-cake at your wedding? Should we keep doing bad culinary science or retire our spatulas for good?
Thank you so much to Rosanna Pansino for helping us bake our cake! You can find her channel here:
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Aasta tagasi
HELLO FRIENDS!! we baked a cake with every possible flavor in it because i am a meme of myself 🎂 you can check out our colourpop frankenlipstick collab here!! xoxo, saf
Exploding Turducken
Exploding Turducken 7 päeva tagasi
Can you make my wedding cake?
Ott crase
Ott crase 11 päeva tagasi
As a British person I am super offended 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠
Meka Angel
Meka Angel 18 päeva tagasi
Saf I thought a great idea for you to make it’s a Frankin soap!
THE RANDOM NERD 45 28 päeva tagasi
Why are cakes upset They have a lot of tears
J3on_Xook Місяць tagasi
Cait Hemburrow
Cait Hemburrow 4 tundi tagasi
ro gives me dolly Parton vibes
Asta Andersen
Asta Andersen 4 tundi tagasi
Did they get to celebrate their wedding before COVID? I’m new to this channel, but please tell me they got to celebrate their wedding?!!
Emma E
Emma E 7 tundi tagasi
I can’t get the lipsticks for some reason
Nicki Sue Moen
Nicki Sue Moen 15 tundi tagasi
a pineapple cake sounds delishment.
Nicki Sue Moen
Nicki Sue Moen 15 tundi tagasi
i meant to say delicious.
Joie J
Joie J 18 tundi tagasi
Buzzfeed could never
Kazi Nawroz
Kazi Nawroz 2 päeva tagasi
i wonder how thier child will react after seeing this
G Leggett
G Leggett 2 päeva tagasi
English sounding cake company from Norwich VT? Laughing at it from Norwich UK.
Shelbi Weigel
Shelbi Weigel 3 päeva tagasi
I would hate to do all those dishes
Homer Cat
Homer Cat 3 päeva tagasi
The inner British in me is saying: No. Victoria. Sponge?
Homer Cat
Homer Cat 3 päeva tagasi
Great British Bake Off? Here it’s just Bake Off. And btw, that accent was a flop, no harm meant 🤣😂🤣
IGood Hooman
IGood Hooman 3 päeva tagasi
Pov: your waiting for her to post again so your watching her old videos
Amber Mendes
Amber Mendes 4 päeva tagasi
It overflowed coz ya'll over filled it
Amber Mendes
Amber Mendes 4 päeva tagasi
9.49 : YoU FoOlS 🤣
cutie's little sis!
cutie's little sis! 4 päeva tagasi
That bite and “what is it? I don’t know” that ro did where the cutest thing ever-
Tiger-lily Bocchino
Tiger-lily Bocchino 4 päeva tagasi
I’m gonna do this for my wedding. If I ever get married
Tiger-lily Bocchino
Tiger-lily Bocchino 4 päeva tagasi
I ABSOLUTELY LOVE BAKING. Guess what. I won a baking comp what I was 5 or 6 against 10 year olds. That’s how much I like baking
Lollipop Jimin
Lollipop Jimin 4 päeva tagasi
Good job, guys! It's fascinating how you guys build up a huge wedding cake. It took a lot of efforts and patience but the hardwork paid off!👏🏽👏🏽💜
Raine Saeng
Raine Saeng 5 päeva tagasi
Next episode franken ice cream
fairyychuu !!
fairyychuu !! 5 päeva tagasi
idk why im laughing sm but tyler doing the red flavor choreo 😭🖐
Mary Leung
Mary Leung 6 päeva tagasi
The reason why your cake is leaning is because ...your cake needs to be refridgerated u should have put the tiers together just shortly before serving ...then quickly decorated ...that way u didnt need to have the leaning tower of pisa cake .....
Mary Leung
Mary Leung 6 päeva tagasi
You over filled the cake pans never fill the cake pans completely that full with batter ...rule of thumb .....u fill cake pan either 2/3 or 3/4 full with the batter..... so that the cake has room to rise in the pan as it bakes ....that way the cake wont over flow and spill out
Julie Pearson
Julie Pearson 6 päeva tagasi
One of the guys 2:18 who dropped the cake was a friend of my parents
Sunny 7 päeva tagasi
This is so hilarious! I wanna try the FrankenCake!
Pooh Pryor
Pooh Pryor 7 päeva tagasi
The belligerent mass directly nod because existence appropriately rob with a useful verse. perpetual, good ruth
Jennifer Agostinelli
Jennifer Agostinelli 7 päeva tagasi
I think that you should tri to make a Frankenstein gingerbread house 🙂
Amelia 7 päeva tagasi
you should mix every slime in 5 below! :) or you should mix every spice in your kitchen and then eat it with bland food. pls try one!!!
Ruby Carter
Ruby Carter 8 päeva tagasi
Luvies, where y'all at?
Katelyn Madera
Katelyn Madera 8 päeva tagasi
tyler really sounded like that monster from Monster's Inc. that shouted "let er' rip"
sofia's town
sofia's town 8 päeva tagasi
ro has ALOT of sholderpadding!! does anyone agree with me?
Real Drift
Real Drift 9 päeva tagasi
are any british ppl offended from theyre gbbo accents
Nola Valencia
Nola Valencia 9 päeva tagasi
i love how u keep referencing from movies
Tatiana G
Tatiana G 9 päeva tagasi
TLC's baking shows could NEVER
Lieke van den Boom
Lieke van den Boom 9 päeva tagasi
Veronica Hernandez
Veronica Hernandez 10 päeva tagasi
A Franking icecream
Adriana Velazquez
Adriana Velazquez 10 päeva tagasi
Whos berry berry
Adriana Velazquez
Adriana Velazquez 10 päeva tagasi
I love the flavor red velvit
Adriana Velazquez
Adriana Velazquez 10 päeva tagasi
Hi i love this channel and this video I don't really watch anything but Godzilla and Anime on EEexs and sssniperwolf and Lauren but that's at the point your channel is amazing keep doing what you're doing
INGING P.5-3 บัณฑิตา เฉลิมสุข
INGING P.5-3 บัณฑิตา เฉลิมสุข 11 päeva tagasi
Safiya:some wedding cakes may be maccha flavored *me who is allergic to tea: not eating a wedding cake unless my dad eats it first from now on
Eric H
Eric H 11 päeva tagasi
A list of all the chocolate-y cakes: -chocolate -HOT chocolate???? -German chocolate¿ -mocha -chocolate cappuccino? -orange chocolate -chocolate cinnamon -Nutella -devil’s food????? *puts hot chocolate cake in the fridge*
Just a normal kpop stan Nothing special
Just a normal kpop stan Nothing special 11 päeva tagasi
Tyler doing the choreography of Red Velvet's song "Red flavor" is just *yes* My life is complete
Just a normal kpop stan Nothing special
Just a normal kpop stan Nothing special 11 päeva tagasi
Safiya is the queen of franken - things Why aren't you wearing this ---->✨👑✨ 🖤
Melody Dean
Melody Dean 12 päeva tagasi
angel food!
Melody Dean
Melody Dean 12 päeva tagasi
i wut angel food
michael fox
michael fox 12 päeva tagasi
The noiseless creator psychologically possess because selection bizarrely succeed than a brave bathroom. high-pitched, utter witch
Rachel Murphy
Rachel Murphy 14 päeva tagasi
Soon should send this video to How to Cake It.
Joann Wall
Joann Wall 14 päeva tagasi
Omgoodness I love this one! I'm engaged and the cake is a great idea ❤
Janelle Woodruff
Janelle Woodruff 14 päeva tagasi
the only thing i was thinking this whole time is "how will you eat that"
Harsha Peter
Harsha Peter 15 päeva tagasi
she's wearing the safiya cristine nail polishes!
Orla 15 päeva tagasi
she sounded like ro when she said banana
Jessica Neiger
Jessica Neiger 16 päeva tagasi
Aaratrika , Abhikshit Dhar
Aaratrika , Abhikshit Dhar 16 päeva tagasi
But the whipped is not done properlly 😑😑😑😑😑
Aleena Imran
Aleena Imran 16 päeva tagasi
Come on no videos its been like 5 months or something
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas 14 päeva tagasi
She doesn't owe you anything, have patience
Angelic A
Angelic A 16 päeva tagasi
Safiya now be like : ("I got cakes for days")
Ajiji Lps
Ajiji Lps 16 päeva tagasi
Me who watched laurenzside do this- Oh god honey , no!
Gacha_gamer Hey
Gacha_gamer Hey 16 päeva tagasi
I love how she said butterscotch when she is putting it in the oven
clara wittington
clara wittington 16 päeva tagasi
bro your voice is like the ultimate narrator voice. like am I wrong? :^
Livi's Star Stable
Livi's Star Stable 17 päeva tagasi
mary berry wants you to bake a giant cake well jokes on you mary berry left
Saule S
Saule S 17 päeva tagasi
Jazz Christine Legaspi
Jazz Christine Legaspi 17 päeva tagasi
I just realized that the person who tweeted safiya has a Harry styles pfp 👁👄👁
tforceraven 17 päeva tagasi
Anyone else hungry?
Mary Kate Short
Mary Kate Short 18 päeva tagasi
Anyone notice the here for the teal and Benana on her nails. From the Orly vid?
우기 18 päeva tagasi
Saule S
Saule S 17 päeva tagasi
Saule S
Saule S 17 päeva tagasi
Mango Misty
Mango Misty 18 päeva tagasi
That girl knows her Disney movies when I can’t even name 5 lol 😂
Anha Maliyat
Anha Maliyat 18 päeva tagasi
Everyone : talking about the cake Me:she says bad words 🤬
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas 14 päeva tagasi
So what if she swears?
Anha Maliyat
Anha Maliyat 18 päeva tagasi
This is not a hate comment but ok
MermaidClue22 18 päeva tagasi
I feel like ro guessed that the last one was a Franken cake, (it’s Safs thing, she had to figure it out.) but she decided to play along anyway.
Lilly Krupp
Lilly Krupp 18 päeva tagasi
Your cake is almost as tall as me
Emma the Grae
Emma the Grae 18 päeva tagasi
I think you guys filled the pans a little too much
kidkat 19 päeva tagasi
My mom's cake was partly lemon poppyseed
Caitlin Rebecca
Caitlin Rebecca 19 päeva tagasi
The eggnog flavour of the ‘British’ mix was a bit of a giveaway 🤣
Gaanavi Basavaraj
Gaanavi Basavaraj 20 päeva tagasi
No one is talking about what she will do about the cake after this video
Kainat SAEED
Kainat SAEED 20 päeva tagasi
five year olds after watching this video: mum: so what cake flavour would you like sweetie? kid: ALL OF THEM :D
E.E. S.
E.E. S. 20 päeva tagasi
Anyone else wanna try this, but not for a wedding cake, just for fun? XD
Aysha Reem
Aysha Reem 20 päeva tagasi
Okay.. this gurl goes too far eith almost every single thing 🤦🏼‍♀️and im still surprised why didn't i find her before!😐
donna Billington
donna Billington 21 päev tagasi
Ro:its taller than me! Me:it's not hard to beat ❤(No hate)❤
Dana Bekman
Dana Bekman 21 päev tagasi
''me trying to watch the video''GeT gRaMaRlY!
That One Bird Girl
That One Bird Girl 21 päev tagasi
22:54 is to good!
Evelyn Johnson
Evelyn Johnson 21 päev tagasi
YES GO VT!!!!!!! VT IS THE BEST if you cant tell, i have been in VT fr awhile, and we are New England, so yeah
belligirl21 22 päeva tagasi
The Ro person is definitely Tipsey or under some kind on Influence during the ENTIRE tasting part. 🥴
Emily N
Emily N 22 päeva tagasi
I wonder what they did with all that cake
Love Lexie
Love Lexie 22 päeva tagasi
Tyler: *Cutting plastic off of Angel Food cake* "Don't breath on it!" Saf: *Widens eyes, looks forward, and says sassily* "Well sorry." Me: *In mind* "Wth? They are perfect for each other! No wonder they are getting married/ are married..?" 🤣
AimiMura :D
AimiMura :D 23 päeva tagasi
Saf: saying 47 inches tall Me a latina: how many meters is that? 😂🔫
Fizzy News Network
Fizzy News Network 23 päeva tagasi
i am british and we dont really have cake box/mixes. also that english accent was funny lol
Kristina Mojanovska
Kristina Mojanovska 23 päeva tagasi
You got my Like for the English trifle reference :D Edit: Also for the Pivot!
anonymous girl
anonymous girl 23 päeva tagasi
why do all the things she mixes together come out the same colour
vitória teixeira agnoletto
vitória teixeira agnoletto 23 päeva tagasi
No jokes, I am rewatching this to grab some ideas for a mixed flavor cake hahahahah
Crazy Horse Girl
Crazy Horse Girl 24 päeva tagasi
I like that time says can we keep it back to the cake and Safa says no
Nezuko Beanos
Nezuko Beanos 24 päeva tagasi
was i the only one getting danganronpa vibes from the background music?
Yasmin Dey
Yasmin Dey 24 päeva tagasi
Wow she was drunk 😂
Random stuff with Izzy
Random stuff with Izzy 24 päeva tagasi
Dam those cakes are as flat as oikawa
Addy Nesvold
Addy Nesvold 25 päeva tagasi
I'm watching 2 years later
Caro Mada
Caro Mada 25 päeva tagasi
I'm like over a year late but... what happened to the rest of the cake? Did Tyler eat it all? Did they donate it? Was it thrown away? Even though that sounds like a big waste...
Sienna Rae
Sienna Rae 25 päeva tagasi
17:28 a reverse Oreo
Tatjana Stanković
Tatjana Stanković 25 päeva tagasi
Tyler: you broke Ro-
Elora Hildebrand
Elora Hildebrand 25 päeva tagasi
I want a mashup of Rosanna's "le-MON? LE-mon?" with Shade Madej's "DeMoN? dEmOn?" Something about the inflections just kills me.
Laylah-Bug 25 päeva tagasi
Kim Kardashian..?
Julian Slator
Julian Slator 25 päeva tagasi
how does this have 14 million views she made a cake its not hard this is why people say youtube isn't a job
Julian Slator
Julian Slator 14 päeva tagasi
@Christopher Thomas entertaining? this is not entertaining this is lazy and takes no effort when people who work 5-9 get paid minimum wage and she works 1 hour sends it of to her editor and gets paid millions of pounds from you
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas 14 päeva tagasi
@Julian Slator what problem? People making entertaining content for money? Get over it
Julian Slator
Julian Slator 14 päeva tagasi
@Christopher Thomas no I'm not doing that because I'm not a part if the problem
Christopher Thomas
Christopher Thomas 14 päeva tagasi
Because people like her content? You go do it if you think it's such an easy job, see how long it takes you to get to 14mil views and have as much money as she does
Yihan Qin
Yihan Qin 26 päeva tagasi
Saf: Shamelessly promoting her colourpop collab Tyler: Can we get back to the cake? Saf: No. Saf: *
80’s kitty
80’s kitty 27 päeva tagasi
You should have mixed all the icings together too! ❤️❤️❤️🎂
kelly suttle
kelly suttle 27 päeva tagasi
really good so entertaining
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