Safiya & Tyler's First Dance To The Addams Family Tango

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Safiya Nygaard

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Here is a little final bonus wedding video before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming - our first dance, which was a recreation of the "Addams Family Values" tango! We decided to post this as a separate bonus video because the music is copyrighted, we hope you enjoy seeing the whole thing!
Also a quick note, the cigarette you see here is fake, it's a prop cigarette!
You can check out our full wedding vlog here -
And our highlight film here -
You can check out our Colourpop frankenlipsticks here!
PLANNER: So Smitten Special Events
VIDEO: Amari Productions
DRESS: Odylyne The Ceremony
HAIR: Kayley Melissa
MAKEUP: Yukina Mitsuhashi
PHOTO: Love Tribe Weddings
FLORALS: GingerSnap Florals
VENUE: Carondelet House
PHOTOBOOTH: Paper Moon Shoppe
NAILS: Simply Nailogical
TUXEDOS: The Black Tux
RENTALS: MTB Event Rentals
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Twitter: safiyajn
Facebook: safnygaard/
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Safiya Nygaard
Safiya Nygaard Aasta tagasi
HELLO FRIENDS! here is a little final bonus wedding video before we get back to our regularly scheduled programming - our first dance, which was a recreation of the "Addams Family Values" tango! we decided to post this as a separate bonus video because the music is copyrighted, we hope you enjoy seeing the whole thing! also a quick note, the cigarette you see here is fake, it's a prop cigarette! xoxo, saf
despicablemonster 27 päeva tagasi
lol you kinda look like addy from z nation
Alice Bedford
Alice Bedford 2 місяці tagasi
What about the nife?
Gloria Lopez
Gloria Lopez 3 місяці tagasi
I was gonna say it gave me adams family vibes
THE RANDOM NERD 45 3 місяці tagasi
Is the knife 🔪 a prop
Vampire Captain
Vampire Captain 3 місяці tagasi
It's probably not been taking down it yet because she is Morticia Adams in our world.
Cedric Diggory
Cedric Diggory 3 päeva tagasi
If i don’t do this at my wedding I don’t want it 😂
U U 4 päeva tagasi
Quite good!
M B 5 päeva tagasi
WOW! I am a HUGE Addams Family fan( I watched both movies million times,know every scene by heart and always speak the text along. And I want to be wendesday since i was six).To dance this on the wedding is an amazing Idea!
Monica Opdenhoff
Monica Opdenhoff 5 päeva tagasi
Just watched this and loved, loved loved it!!!! Loved it so much that I'm in tears!!! Freaking awesome, y'all!!! ❤❤❤❤❤
D C 7 päeva tagasi
You two are just gorgeous! xoxo
Debbie Crum
Debbie Crum 7 päeva tagasi
I love it. That was awesome.
Nam 7 päeva tagasi
Who is that old indian lady wearing red orange saree. At 3:01
sarangtaekook 11 päeva tagasi
Safiya really loves dark theme
Purple Pie
Purple Pie 12 päeva tagasi
I’m playing morticia in my schools play 🥺 I though of Safiya
Mets Chell
Mets Chell 13 päeva tagasi
Christian Makalintal
Christian Makalintal 15 päeva tagasi
I love thisss
Rina 16 päeva tagasi
Yes, Robert Downey Jr. is Iron Man, but Safiya IS Morticia.
Orange Juice
Orange Juice 16 päeva tagasi
😁 it looks like they were having so much fun
Ruby Brownell
Ruby Brownell 16 päeva tagasi
Tyler after the kiss, with lipstick on his face.
Free use things
Free use things 17 päeva tagasi
I just realized they used the original audio
blue_is_not_sad 17 päeva tagasi
Straight stole my idea
Hairy Thotter
Hairy Thotter 19 päeva tagasi
best first dance ever, keep coming back to watch it i love it so much!
sarah 20 päeva tagasi
okay but like this is what i long to be
Queen Zey
Queen Zey 21 päev tagasi
Rylan Blasing
Rylan Blasing 22 päeva tagasi
They have the PERFECT vibe to be the Adams family PERFECT Saf where are those spiders under your dress??
Awkward Unicorn
Awkward Unicorn 23 päeva tagasi
The actual dance was a lot better than they made it sound at the beginning
Cemre Uz
Cemre Uz 24 päeva tagasi
I'm dying!!!! This is too good ahhhhhh!!!
vicby puppycouch
vicby puppycouch 24 päeva tagasi
I'm here before this gets taken down! 😔
Random Ass Weeb
Random Ass Weeb 23 päeva tagasi
It's been almost a year now, it won't be copyrighted
Lakota Coon
Lakota Coon 25 päeva tagasi
Brick Assault Productions
Brick Assault Productions 25 päeva tagasi
1:37 You anyone of you did this JAIL
Lina Lewis
Lina Lewis 26 päeva tagasi
You guys did amazing
Amelie Reed
Amelie Reed 26 päeva tagasi
Wow you are great at danceing
Cloudipy 27 päeva tagasi
This is the best wedding video I've ever seen in my life, I'm a huge addams family fan and I was smiling the whole time. I wish your life together will be as happy and blessed as you made me feel watching this❤️🙏
vicby puppycouch
vicby puppycouch 24 päeva tagasi
Me too
amelia Sallinen
amelia Sallinen 28 päeva tagasi
björ k
björ k 29 päeva tagasi
Pund SANGCHAI Місяць tagasi
She seems like a better Morticia than Morticia herself
Katie Beswick
Katie Beswick Місяць tagasi
Over a year and it’s still up. It was just the perfect first dance for these two 😍
Kathryn H
Kathryn H Місяць tagasi
i got so happy watching this, i started crying lol.. Love y'all!!!
{Dana Palmario}
{Dana Palmario} Місяць tagasi
This is so cute and silly 😍
Kaylee Clark
Kaylee Clark Місяць tagasi
They are graceful but funny to me
•MUSHIE MUSHIE• Місяць tagasi
Tyler is like the perfect stereotypical husband to Safiya 😂😂😂
Persephona Місяць tagasi
holy shit that was impressive
hannah nguyen
hannah nguyen Місяць tagasi
Alice Walker
Alice Walker Місяць tagasi
It seems very funny 😂😂😂 I like it very much
Abby Barrientos
Abby Barrientos Місяць tagasi
Cool video
mamamia af
mamamia af Місяць tagasi IT's funny. I love it
MINETTA MATHEW Місяць tagasi
Tyler - obviously neither o us are trained or are pro dancers in anyway , so pls dont roast us me - seriously that is called not pro dancing 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
xeasonx Місяць tagasi
that was actually amazing
it'smeg shes just average
it'smeg shes just average Місяць tagasi
Aaaahh tyler I can't take seriously sorry but sav u look stunning
Melanie Rodriguez
Melanie Rodriguez Місяць tagasi
Had anybody noticed that Tyler’s dad and Safiya’s mom did not show up in the video.
Winged Sloth
Winged Sloth Місяць tagasi
I like how at the very end after they kissed Tyler had some of Safiya’s lipstick on his lips 😂
lorelai prewitt
lorelai prewitt Місяць tagasi
you are great dancers good job i love the addams family values.
Nervous Babbs
Nervous Babbs Місяць tagasi
Anyone else here wondering what happened to our people? Safiya and Tyler hope y'all are well💞
leafs autumn
leafs autumn Місяць tagasi
I swear Tyler is just so in love. obv Saf too, but come on he looks so cute in love with her
Adileny Suarez
Adileny Suarez Місяць tagasi
EyeTraveler Місяць tagasi
I think they *Tango* it good
uwu nation
uwu nation Місяць tagasi
Saf looks like a beautiful villain that would win the whole series
Eve Місяць tagasi
Damn this was amazing i mean first time i see this so its so unique ❤️
WaterTribeWeeb Місяць tagasi
He looks like he’s sniffing her arm on the thumbnail XD
Val Місяць tagasi
she even looks like morticia omg
Snowdapple Snowdapple
Snowdapple Snowdapple Місяць tagasi
AWW yall look like you're having so much fun! :3
doggopaws roblox
doggopaws roblox Місяць tagasi
A year later and still not copyrighted, thanks to any owner of this song that didn't decide to copyright them nor you EEexs
RIVER Місяць tagasi
It’s so cute but I’m sobbing because I’m hormonal af
Amy Martinez
Amy Martinez Місяць tagasi
Who is here exactly a year later???? :)
Brenda Culver
Brenda Culver Місяць tagasi
You guys are a hoot and I think this is fabulous
Abbi Robinson
Abbi Robinson Місяць tagasi
Exactly a year later and still not copy righted
Soy San
Soy San Місяць tagasi
The way Saf dropped to the ground and began spinning like a human beyblade while still holding Tyler’s hand will never cease to amaze me.
SÜMEYYE YABA Місяць tagasi
It is obviously a wonderfull first dance.You are look like pro 👌
Anike Logan-Jones
Anike Logan-Jones Місяць tagasi
I love this so much
CATZ CAROL Місяць tagasi
This is hilarious as well as amazing
blah bleh
blah bleh Місяць tagasi
"Next up, real knives, real back flips!" Saf: *concerned look at Tyler Tyler:.... Or not
Aysia Stewart
Aysia Stewart Місяць tagasi
omg such a good couple congrats and very great tango dance
Lisa Jamieson
Lisa Jamieson Місяць tagasi
She actually looks like Angelica huston anyway ..
Lala Lucia
Lala Lucia Місяць tagasi
Love the dace!!!!!
Nope Місяць tagasi
u look like the adam
Ashleigh Nichole
Ashleigh Nichole Місяць tagasi
This is literally my dream come true. So amazing!!!
Truth’s Secret
Truth’s Secret Місяць tagasi
This was so adorable! They’re so cute togetherrr
Becky Mesterhazi
Becky Mesterhazi Місяць tagasi
Kindred Heart
Kindred Heart Місяць tagasi
They kept such straight faces, and then as soon as it was over they were beaming!
Evelyn Webber
Evelyn Webber Місяць tagasi
CallmehLii Місяць tagasi
She is Morticia. 😌 Also who else saw the "I somenly swear that I am up to no good." Pillow or was that just me? Does the pillow even say that?-
Sharkbunny22 Місяць tagasi
I mean you can’t copyright someone’s wedding... can you?
Jeané Ritemon
Jeané Ritemon Місяць tagasi
this was absolutely adorable
emmy24 Місяць tagasi
You guys are perfect for each other
Jaime Nunez
Jaime Nunez 2 місяці tagasi
What the heck are you doing
M. Thompson
M. Thompson 2 місяці tagasi
Great job, guys!!! 👏👏👏 You looked great out there! 🖤 Morticia would be secretly impressed. 😁
Chantal Bellmont
Chantal Bellmont 2 місяці tagasi
I enjoyed this video when it first came out, but now that I've seen both Addams Family movies I enjoyed it so much more! xo
Kimberly Wheeler
Kimberly Wheeler 2 місяці tagasi
Awesome!!! Enjoyed watching this video again!!! :-D
Audrey Lee-Strohm
Audrey Lee-Strohm 2 місяці tagasi
It was theatrical, it was adorable, it was so well done...definitely on brand for your personalities! Absolutely loved it.
Bushra vlogs4
Bushra vlogs4 2 місяці tagasi
u should musttttt visit PAKISTAN 🇵🇰 and tried our best biryaani 😍
Oscar Berolla
Oscar Berolla 2 місяці tagasi
Safiya es bellisima...
I_like_chese bc_i_am_QuIrKy
I_like_chese bc_i_am_QuIrKy 2 місяці tagasi
So dorky
Emerald Lily
Emerald Lily 2 місяці tagasi
Love Saf’s tango face. 💚👍🏻
a-wanderingcloud 0-0
a-wanderingcloud 0-0 2 місяці tagasi
Natalia Harrity
Natalia Harrity 2 місяці tagasi
I love it
katherine Ren
katherine Ren 2 місяці tagasi
yall good at dancing at least ur better then me lol
Ava Lane
Ava Lane 2 місяці tagasi
I bet Tyler was trying not to laugh😂
Adelle Metcalf
Adelle Metcalf 2 місяці tagasi
That was the coolest wedding dance I’ve ever seen!!! And your wedding OMG what a dream!
Just Me
Just Me 2 місяці tagasi
You both are incredible!! As someone of the Addams family superfan myself (I changed my surename to Adams after my divorce...) I simply edmire you for doing this dance at your wedding! You are such an unconventional coupple and I love watching all your videos but this one just moved me to the core (probably since it has always been my dream to have an Addams family themed wedding and to do this dance :-) and to see you actually doing it makes me so happy!!!) I wish you both all the joy in the world together!
sneha Goyal
sneha Goyal 2 місяці tagasi
amazing!!i loved it
Sammie Lynn
Sammie Lynn 2 місяці tagasi
This was awesome!!
Jameson Iris
Jameson Iris 2 місяці tagasi
Hollywood is all about the remakes and the prequels. They are also all about stunt casting. I would adore to see the both of you play Morticia and Gomez in a Adams Family prequel
Alexa Madison
Alexa Madison 2 місяці tagasi
If there was another Addams Family movie (that wasn’t animated), Safiya should definitely play Morticia!!
Sunkin Donuts
Sunkin Donuts 2 місяці tagasi
The Addams family is my favourite Movie like if you agree
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